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Web site
Digital service for your business
Simple and effective solutions for complex systems
The website is
the face of your brand on the web
We find a solution for your task: from the sale of goods to the image story.
Types of websites:
How does the presence of the network affect the business:
Lack of website
Attraction of new clients
Target audience engagement
Trust in the brand
A brand with an outdated platform without logic
Attraction of new clients
Target audience engagement
Trust in the brand
Brand with a good and thoughtful website
Attraction of new clients
Target audience engagement
Trust in the brand
We are attentive to the task
of launching a website
This is a complex process that includes several important steps.
Comprehensive analysis
Site development
Website launch
Company analysis
Client portrait
Reputation card
Focus group
Product study
Competitor analysis
Market research
Identifying competitors
Comparative analysis

Comprehensive analysis

Understanding the target audience and business
After studying the needs of the client, his tasks and functionality, we offer him the right version of the platform.

Landing page, online store or business card. Our team will suggest the right solution.
Organizing data
Organizing data

Designing and packaging logic

We take into account the needs of visitors, design all pages and blocks of the site based on the client's content.

We collect information from the client

Filling pages with information

Website structure development

Schematic display of content

Interactive online prototype for the test

After that we create a website design

At this stage, we form packaging color schemes that will affect the perception of the product by the target audience and highlight the product on the store shelf.

Adaptation for mobile devices

All our sites are adapted for use on mobile and tablet devices.

Website development

and preparation for launch

At this stage, all pages are created according to the already rendered design, the site is optimized for all browsers and all devices.

We test the site on computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Development stages:

Website launch

After the test, we connect the database, if necessary, and upload a fully working website to the customer's domain and hosting.

The site is filled with content

The site loads quickly

It is displayed on all devices correctly

The site is successfully sending a feedback form


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